Smart Key & Key FOB Programing and Replacement

Key fobs are simply wireless remotes that interact with the electronics in your car. They can serve a wide variety of purposes depending on the car and their programming, purposes such as opening the doors, starting the car, and controlling the LCD system within the car. In some cases they can function without even being physically touched by the user. Key fobs are often attached to a mechanical key, but this trend is increasingly on the decline. Smart Key Duplication and Programming.

If you ever lose your key fob, or lock it in the car, or need a spare, we offer professional key fob replacement. We can recover one you already have, or get you a new one, program it afresh, and perform any other of the myriad fob related tasks you may require. If you need a key fob replacement, our technicians are the best choice for you. We can usually program a key fob promptly, on the same day.